Friday, 21 December 2012

X-Wing Miniature game proxies : Revell Pocket Millennium Falcon

Revell Easy Kit Pocket Millennium Falcon with FFG X-Wing fighter
X-Wing has rekindled my interest in Star Wars fighter combat in a major way so I pulled the Revell Easy Kit Pocket Millennium Falcon from my stash of kits and gave it a coat of paint.

This was bought a long time ago on the off chance that the scale would match something and promptly put away after a quick look which led me to think it wasn't a very inspired model. Which turned out to be a pretty wrong impression...

This model is in fact pretty good and packed with detail (admitedly at least half of it made up but we're hardly dealing with studio scale here) and paints up a treat. There are some obvious flaws such as the fact that the fact that the cockpit is slightly too far from the fuselage but the overall shape is good. The fact that it is supposedly prepainted is probably its biggest handicap because the  "prepainting" is merely grey plastic with a couple of coloured panels. Which is fine if you think that the old Matchbox kits that were made in two-tone plastic were also prepainted.